In the early morning, a light mist veils the coast. Far below, the sea crashes against the rocks, and the rugged, serpentine coastline fades away into the fog.

You blink, half expecting that when you open your eyes it will all disappear. But it doesn’t. And you begin to understand why so many people consider Ocean Cove a magical place.

Harbor seals sun themselves on rocky outcroppings and migratory whales rest in coves.

Perched high on a bluff, Ocean Cove Lodge is part of a small community of individualists who cherish the soothing solitude of this North Coast haven. And for those who don’t have the luxury of living here permanently, the lodge provides a temporary getaway.

The Ocean Cove Lodge, a cozy place nestled in the redwoods overlooking the Great North Pacific Ocean, offering comfortable accommodations, attentive staff, picturesque gardens & grounds.

Only 2 hours north of San Francisco, 17 miles north of Jenner along California's famous Pacific Coast Highway, this natural, undeveloped environment is populated with State Parks, sandy beaches, ancient redwood forests and secluded ocean coves.

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